Chupa panza by Elegant Figure

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Reforzado chupa panza hecho por Elegant Figure quema grasa y desinflamatorio reductor de estrías ayuda con la flacidez recomendamos ampliamente que mezcle con una pequeña porción del gel rojo lipoexpress y veras unos resultados inigualables
Hecho Romero, Ruda, Toronja, Limon, Alcanfor, Salciliato, Jengibre
Fat reduction Gel made for Elegant Figure ingredients Rosemary, Ruda, Grapefruit,Lemon, Camphor, Salicylate,Ginger. The  “Chupapanza” with lipoexpress magical gel. The unique fat burning gel.
Mix a little bit of the red gel with a bigger portion of the “chupa panza” gel use plastic  wrap & waist trainer on top of gel. See results from the very first try!
Take a picture 2 hours before you apply the gel you’ll be surprised!