1645 Full Body butt lifter

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Lipo Express offers Medical Surgical Garments recommended by Specialists.

  • Its essential feature is comfort.
  • Elaborated with a soft and elastic fabric (Powernet), it does not hurt or bother your skin.
  • Our Classic Garment with lycra buttocks to enhance your natural look.
  • It doesn't mark the outer clothes
  • Elastic and compressible material that molds your body.
  • Garment with full back coverage, which benefits the lumbar region alleviating and avoiding backaches.
  • It has two levels of brooches with gradual compression to your needs, for reduce and control your abdomen.
  • Soft fastening with internal protective, not mistreat your skin.
  • Perfect mold of waist and hips , that reduces and refines your silhouette.
  • The abdominal compression will make you look smooth and perfect belly.
  • Gluteus enhancement, highlighting your attributes naturally.
  • Half leg , Ideal with sleeve shirts, skirts or dresses.
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