The Powernet 1024b

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Attention !! Due to the high demand we are out of stock in some sizes we will send out either Sarali or Salome waist trainer, same quality 9 bones and from Colombian 100% thank you for understanding
Dado a la alta demanda se nos han agotado unas tallas de esta cinturilla, mandaremos Sarali o Salomé es la misma calidad cinturilla similar 9 varillas de refuerzo solo cambia la
Marca gracias por su comprensión!

Waist Trainer hooks and zipper Waist train with the popular Zip and clip power net waist trainer made from non-latex Powernet material. Can be worn 24 hours a day, it helps you mold your waist, shapes your body into an hourglass, Ideal for those with a latex allergy. 👀 please send a note if you need a smaller size we have size 4xs, 3xs and 2xs these sizes are only for people who already have the xs and for clients who have experience in these sizes there is no change or return 

👈🏻Authentic Colombian Faja Moldeadora y reductora ideal para usar todo el día su piel respira !

para mayores resultados usela 1024 b para moldear y la 2023 para reducir !